Ask Captain Coconut

Meet Captain Coconut

Ahoy there, mateys! I be Captain Coconut, the most coconut-obsessed pirate to sail the seven seas. Me passion for these wondrous fruits be as deep as the ocean itself. Me crew and I sail aboard the mighty vessel, the Nucifera Navigator, on a quest to unravel the mysteries of the coconut and spread the knowledge to all who dare to listen. I be a pirate who holds a vast knowledge of coconuts and their incredible uses. From their sweet nectar that quenches the thirst of a weary sailor to the nourishing flesh that sustains me crew on long voyages, me love for coconuts knows no bounds. With a parrot perched on me shoulder and a coconut in me hand, I proudly roam the world, sharing the fascinating facts of these fruits while indulging in their delicious bounty. So, if ye ever be seekin' coconut enlightenment or a hearty chat about coconuts, ye can be sure to find Captain Coconut at the helm of the Nucifera Navigator!

Where did Captain Coconut come from?

Ask Captain Coconut was dreamed up and created by Mike and Matt, a couple of plant nerds. They saw the need for people to learn about plants in a fun way. Learn more about coconuts at and get your own coconut!